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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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even e street. use caution if you are driving ip this area. also checking on this tractor trailer. i-95 this is southbound off to the right shoulder lane and checking on the construction. this is northbound 395. you can see the right lane is blocked here. delays, if you are traveling northbound to southbound, clear in both directions. >> at this hour, federal, state and local investigators are searching for clues. they are trying to figure out who planted problemses at the finish line at the boston marathon. we have reporters on the scene throughout the boston area.
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chris can live this morning the latest to you flt. >> several blocks remain close ed today. a little more than four hours into the 117th boston marathon the race came to a chaotic and violent end. two explosions near the finish line 12 seconds and 100 yards apart second runners and officials scrambling for safety. >> they were running the other way. there were people running, crying. >> the wounded were rushed to several boston hospitals. among the dead, an 8-year-old boy. they went from treating dehydration and policeters tbl
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things you could see on the battlefield. >> the fbi is leading the investigation. evidence collection teams came from new york. it will be a swift and thorough search. we will find out who did this and why they did this. any responsibility individuals or groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> police questioned a man who was injured and being treated in a boston hospital. investigators say he is not considered a suspect nor a person of interest. investigators have spent several hours overnight and into the early morning hours investigating an apartment c
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complex. that is the story live in boston now back to you. >> reporter: right now police are searching the apartment of a person of interest in this case. it is happening ip the suburb of revere and it is part of the investigation into the blasts in boston. they were seen leaving early this morning with brown paper bags and we are hearing a search warrant was served last night. no word on a mytive just yet. law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out who is
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responsib responsible. the national guard is on hand to secure the scene and the agencies are combing lou surveillance footage in hopes of bringing justice to state. >> we will find out who and why they did this any responsible individuals or groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> we could learn more about what the fbi ixi uncovered ovet that is expected today. >> we want to play for you some of the conversations that emergency officials were have i ing. >> this is 84, i need lanes open
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here. >> get everybody out of there. use caution. there might be possible additional devices. use caution. i need somebody up there to let people know what we are doing here. make sure it is safe hear and we will get it out of the box once we get it swept. >> you might have heard somebody mention a possible explosion at the library. i talked to someone there and they said there was a small fire at that library. >> google trying to help people track down their loved ones in boston. the site activated a person finder. you will be able to search someone's name or someone who you may have information about.
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hours after the blast a lot of runners were still separated from friends and family. volunteers rallied and organized the resource center. that center expected to be open again this morning. >> a team of runners from newtown was in town to honor runners in the shooter. there was a 26 second long moment of silence at the beginning of the race and all of the runners who represented newtown are okay and accounted for. >> japan is adding extra security in all of their areas. they are doing everything
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possible to ensure the safety of they're citizens. >> japan is checking to see if any of its citizens were injured in the blast. close to home, in new york city 1000 officers have been assigned to duty and national guard soldiers have been stationed around the airport and security is tighter around bridges and tunnels. extra officers are patrolling union station and extra stops. there are no known threats to either city. >> we way have to wait until tomorrow. a group of senators that crafted the bill was supposeded to unveil it today. john mccain is a part of that group. he tweeted last night that tonight's news conference could
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happen tomorrow instead. stay with us right here on news four today. coming up in 30 minutes tony tull will join us in boston. let's go to the live desk. >> reporter: u.s. helicopter crashes near north korea. et was taking part in a u.s. flight training drill. 21 people were on pord including 16 marines. but in stable condition. right now an investigation into what caused this crash is underway. news4. >> a tribute six years later. this morning how loved ones are remembering the victims of the virginia tech massacre. >> on monday, tom and danella are back with weather on the one's. watch your wallet. 4:38 is your time now we will be [ babbling ]
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the victims at the terror in boston. we will try to take that graphic at the bottom of your screen. you are looking at the flags flying at half-staff out of respect for those killed in boston. he ordered the flags to be
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lowered in a moment of silence yesterday. he ordered the plflags be flownt half-staff. good morning. right now starting off with low clouds, temperatures are in the 50s. all the way in the bay and closer to washington we are in the low to mid 50s. prince william county should be in the mid 60s. through the rest of the afternoon we should be climbing into the mid 70s. this evening back down into the 60s. mostly cloudy sky. look at the rest of the week. look at traffic now. good morning. southbound the road work was blocking the right lane. over to i-95 this morning
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traveling southbound at 123 you can see a tow truck on the scene. southbound travel speed it will take you 13 minutes to fet to t get to the capitol beltway. >> big new development this morning. plus she has enspired us all with her recovery. what brings her back to the district today. no tip off yet. how boston will pause to remember the victims
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we have a warning about fake
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charities cropping up. after fielding a number of complaints twitter shut down the account. >> while our country is coping with the attack this is the 6th anniversary of the shootings of virginia tech. lieutenant governor bill bowling will lead a ceremony as the governor is traveling in china right now. student went on a shooting spree on the blacksburg campus. this marks the 18th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing.
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>> this morning, investigators are trying to determine what lead to a murder suicide in new york. shooting happened yesterday at her home in brooklyn. the officer's son heard gunshots and got out the back window before calling 911. she had been with the force for 19 years and never had any issues with the department. darrious canon was murdered at his home. his service will begin at 11:30 this morning in southeast. >> fairfax county mother accused
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of kidnapping her young son has been spotted. becky love took her son away from the boy's father. she was spotted at the airport. the father says love has a history of substance abuse. authorities say that love changed the boy's hair color. they hope they can use social media to find the boy. >> a rockville teen will be laid to rest. friends and family of michelle miller gather ed to pay respect last night. she went to army staff sergeant's home and was found dead. >> detectives now say the first car to catch fire was the
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personal car of a police officer. the fire spread to 7 others on the boulevard early sunday morning. residents woke up to the soupd sound of car alarms and say the fire is suspicious. south korea's president will make her way to discuss economic and security issues with the president. secretary of state also met with john kerry. >> isolated nation is vowing retalllation after protests were held in the south. the holiday came and went and the country celebrated the birth of its founder with dancing,
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festivals and sporting events. this is fall out of that country's close elections. they want a recall in the election. he beat opposition leader by less than 1%. the council already certified the results and the white house is calling senators to build support and several republicans say they won't support the bill. supporters need republicans onboard. those that crafted that bill say that it may be willing to accept changes to the plan if it helps it pass. giffords will be in washington to attend the unveiling of a
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pl plaque. she was critically injured in that shooting and remained from congress last year to prfocus o her recovery. the nates blew out miami 10-3 last night in florida. they open the season by winning with the marlins at home. they lost their 5th straight game in block lynn. the wizards have one game left in the season and it is against the chicago bulls tomorrow night. weather and traffic on the one's. storm team four here with the details. don't need the umbrella this morning. we have low clouds hanging over the region. showing just a few low clouds
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right now 57 at reagan national. we have a light breeze dew-points at 49. temperatures under the low clouds. low 50s. much of arlington in the mid 50s now. for the mountains to the beaches showing low clouds hanging over the region. few breaks in the clouds over the shore. also partly cloudy there now. here is how we are looking for the day. ahead still in the 50s. by noon time should be in the upper 60s. light south early breeze much of the region into the low and mid 70s to the north it may only be into the 60s.
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here are the high to mid 70s to the north. as well as out in the mountains may be warmer in the mountains. major toll lens are ash, beach and birch tree pollens. high count on wednesday. another day was a high count on thursday. here is your four day forecast after we reach the low to mid 70s today. slight chance of a shower tomorrow morning. temperatures starting off wednesday morning. we should make it into the upper 70s and partly sunny. small chance of that. otherwise sunny on thursday. 80 on friday. we could get afternoon and evening on friday. cooler weather for the weekend. highs in the mid 60s on monday. i'm back in ten minutes with
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another update. you are looking at traffic good morning. you are able to get around it but you will have to sit to your right lane. east and west bound travel lanes are moving. easy drive 13 minutes to the gw parkwai. >> thank you. 4:54 inne nesws for your health. if you have a hard time hearing after a loud concert, it might be because your body is repairing from the damage. hearing loss can last hours or
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days before it rueturns to normal. u.s. health leaders on high alert. center centers for disease control harper is known for roles as rhoda and tonight's event is free and open to the public. she has been battling with cancer. coming up inspiring words as the
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world turns to social networking. coming up the bombing has put everyone on high alert. more live coverage from boston as the investigation gets underway. you are watching news4 today.
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the game tonight is cancelled. the boston bruins also postponed their game tonight against the scepters. many people are using facebook and twitter to express their gri grief. >> un ambassador susan rice tweeted: that is one of the best things we see people doing everything they can to help the victims. look for the people who are doing good. stay with us. news4 today continues right now


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